Dyslexia is often misunderstood. It is a neurological disability that is characterized by

a deficit in phonological awareness. Students struggling with this disability are

intelligent and inquisitive but just have such a difficult time reading and spelling. They

have received extra time with traditional phonics and reading instruction…yet they

still struggle. A student with dyslexia requires specific intervention in reading and

spelling that is multi-sensory, systematic, and explicit. If this sounds familiar, you are in

the right place!

The Barton Reading and Spelling Program requires an initial assessment to determine eligibility for

the program to ensure success.


Are you unsure if it’s dyslexia?  An informal diagnostic screening evaluates the skills that affect the

ability to read and write.  The screening includes the components of phonological awareness,

spelling, fluency, and rapid naming.  There is also a checklist that helps gather helpful background

information.  The screening results determine areas of weakness and the possibility of

dyslexia/reading disability.


**Disclaimer:  The screener does NOT diagnose dyslexia or reading disabilities.  It serves as a way to identify areas of difficulty and helps determine if an official diagnosis with the appropriate professional is necessary.

The St. Johns Reading Clinic uses the Barton Reading and Spelling System, a research and

evidence based program. The system is designed for children, teenagers, and adults who

struggle with spelling, reading, and writing. It is influenced by the Orton-Gillingham style

of teaching which is a multi-sensory, direct, explicit, structured, and sequential program

designed for intense intervention. These 50-60 minute sessions can take place at our 

location, your private school, or can be done remotely using Whizzimo.


Learn more here: Barton Reading and Spelling Program