Reading Aloud at ANY Age

September 1, 2017

Reading Aloud at ANY Age

Read aloud at any age!

I can honestly say that I LOVE to read.  Audio books?  Fantastic invention for driving in the car together.  Reading is by far one of my favorite activities and I am thrilled to see my children enjoy it just as much.  Yet, it’s only recently that they fell in love with reading and it has taken a lot of persistence and hard work on everyone’s part to have them become avid readers.  

My heart broke when my son informed me in first grade that he hated to read.  What?!  How is that even possible?  I made it my mission to find as many books on his level that would interest him as possible.  He still would sulk off to his room and miserably thumb through the pages.  My teacher brain kicked in and I grabbed a chapter book that was a bit above his level.  We sat together and I read the book to him…and then another….and before I knew it, he was grabbing books and getting interested in series.  I went through the same thing with my daughter.  As parents, we forget how challenging it is to learn to read.  The words you have to decode and the vocabulary you have to understand.  It is a lot of work for those in the midst of learning.  Reading aloud to your child gives them the opportunity to enjoy what books have to offer.  It eliminates the stress/hard work and they can sit back and soak up all of the vocabulary and ideas.  You are giving your child the opportunity to grow their listening comprehension.  Maybe they even finally get to read that book that seemed so unattainable because it was way above their reading level.  Plus, it gives you that quiet and unplugged time to spend time with each other where you can leave the crazy of the day behind for a bit.

As a teacher, I would talk to parents and encourage them to read out loud to their children at home…even if they were completely independent readers.  It’s easy to just send the kids off to their space after a busy day to have some quiet time with books.  They are unplugged and doing something meaningful, right?  Especially if they are older and heading into middle or high school.  It’s time to change your way of thinking a bit…reading to your child, no matter what age, has numerous benefits for everyone.   My son is 11 and we still grab books and read together because parents can continue to model what good reading looks like.  It’s also wonderful to have time to discuss the book together. 

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